American Lighting Association
Nextbound has helped the American Lighting Association, the only trade association uniting lighting manufacturers, distributors, showrooms and industry-related companies, communicate its message to both members and consumers over the past several years. The site was recently converted from its original ColdFusion version to a PHP/MySQL architecture.

Patriot Pontiac|GMC|Buick
As one of the largest dealerships in Central Texas, Patriot was looking to put a more professional face on their web presence. Nextbound created an easy-to-use site that has helped Patriot significantly increase sales leads from the web.

Liz Parker Photography
Nextbound created this online portfolio for a local photographer, complete with an easy-to-use administration section for future updates.

River Ridge Ranch POA
When the River Ridge Ranch Property Owners' Association was looking to develop a web site for their membership, they turned to Nextbound for help. After analyzing their needs, we developed a compact site that works to both inform their current membership, as well as show potential property owners what the POA has to offer.

As the development arm of the CambellWilson web project, Nextbound helped bring all of the initial strategy and design to its final form. The site helps the Dallas-based healthcare-consulting firm communicate with prospective and current clients.

Twenty For Seven
Nextbound stepped up when local rock band Twenty For Seven was looking for a web site that translated the attitude of their music to the web. A new version of the site is now in production, which will tie in with the band's upcoming CD release, offering more features for their growing audience.

Our developers like to have a little fun, too. That's why they have been developing a web application for web logs, or "blogs," which serves as a playground for their PHP/MySQL development. There is always more going on behind the scenes of this site than meets the eye. (While there are no specific plans to do so, there has been talk of putting the blog software together for public release.)