Developing web-based applications can quickly become a tedious and expensive process if the work is not properly defined from the beginning. Our D4 process - Discover, Design, Develop and Deploy - is a method for streamlining the development cycle to deliver the right solution on time and in budget. Working closely with you every step of the way, Nextbound delivers a product tailored to your specific goals and vision.

Discover: It all begins by carefully identifying and understanding your wants and needs. By analyzing your audience, competition and objectives, Nextbound will help you begin to see the road ahead, as we start finalizing the map that will take us there together.

Design: During the design stage, the "look and feel" of your web site begins to take form. Our expert designers use information collected in the discover stage to translate business concepts into shape and color. We will give you a varied range of ideas and help you decide which direction best fits your needs.

Develop: This is where it all comes together. Merging the information flow from the discover phase with the final design, our development team will create a first class web experience for your users. Again, you will be a major contributor during this phase, giving our developers your constant feedback as you watch the site come alive.

Deploy: Having a web site doesn't mean a thing if no one ever sees it, which is why our job isn't finished when the development is complete. Nextbound also offers a number of services that help ensure a more successful launch, such as finding the right hosting company, search engine placement and the development of web marketing strategies. Need help with web content management on a continuing basis? We can do that too, with maintenance plans built around your needs.